Trump's 7 most outrageous lies in his border 'crisis' address
President Donald Trump delivers a speech/Screenshot

President Donald Trump lectured Americans from the Oval Office on Tuesday during a primetime address to the country that he hoped would convince Capitol Hill to fund his border wall.

On December 22, Trump shut down the federal government after the then-Republican controlled Congress refused to pay for his border wall. Trump had constantly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, but after Mexico refused, he shut down the government while trying to shift the burden to American taxpayers.

On Tuesday, Trump attempted to take his case directly to the voters. And things got weird.

Here are the seven most outrageous moments from Trump's address to the nation:

7. Heroin

6. There is a humanitarian crisis of border crossings

5. Democrats don't want a concrete wall

4. The wall will pay for itself

3. Democrats don't want border security

2. Trump's speech was a call for bipartisanship

1. Trump was being sincere