Trump's 'build the wall' slogan is no longer 'resonating' with his base: CNN's Erin Burnett
Erin Burnett, the host of 'Out Front' on CNN

On Monday, CNN's Erin Burnett mocked President Donald Trump's empty campaign promise that Mexico will pay for the border wall.

Trump's false sense of urgency to build the wall at the US-Mexico border has caused a government shutdown. In an attempt to use "talking-points" to get funding and support for his wall, Trump is giving a prime-time address to the nation on Tuesday night.

"[Trump] is going to be visiting the border on Thursday. This after his allies have told him that his arguments on immigration are not resonating. And that his case for a wall simply lacks urgency, which is a pretty bad thing when you're claiming it's a national emergency," Burnett said.

She then mocked Trump for sounding like a broken-record player as he proclaimed that Mexico would build the wall over and over again.

"Some of Trump's aides are telling him this 'build the wall slogan' is not resonating the way it used to when it was like, 'who's going to build the wall?! Mexico!'" she said while doing a Trump impression. "It was like a reverberation."

"What do you make of the strategy that he is choosing this moment and this issue?" she asked former Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem.

"We used to have a saying in emergency management that you can't talking-points your way out of the hurricane Katrina response. In other words, the White House thinks this is a communications problem. It's not a communication problem. It is a reality-based problem," she said.

Kayyem added, "Ultimately, he has to get a deal with Democrats and Republicans. This has nothing to do with talking points. It's a bad policy."

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