Trump's only defense is he was a 'space cadet' who was clueless about campaign's Russia dealings: Ex-FBI agent
Donald Trump speaks in New York City on Sept. 3, 2015. (a katz /

Former FBI agent Asha Rangappa told CNN's Kate Bolduan on Friday that President Donald Trump is running out of excuses for not knowing how many of his associates and campaign operatives were reaching out to agents of the Russian government.

Reacting to a line in special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of Trump ally Roger Stone, in which Mueller alleged a senior campaign member was "directed" to keep in touch with Stone about future WikiLeaks releases, Rangappa said that it defied logic that Trump would have no idea that his own campaign would be trying to coordinate with the organization that would eventually release Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked emails.

"The White House is continuing to ask us to believe that candidate Trump was so disconnected from what the members of his own campaign were doing, that he had no idea what was happening with this Trump Tower meeting," she said. "That he had no idea there were other people in his campaign talking to WikiLeaks."

Rangappa said that, in order to believe this narrative, we would have to accept that Trump "was off in la-la land" while his associates were planning with Russians -- but she said that defense might be the only card the president has left to play.

"They almost have no choice [than] to get to, 'The candidate was a space cadet and had no idea what was going on,'" she said.

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