Trump's 'witness tampering' may succeed with Michael Cohen who fears for his family says attorney Lanny Davis
Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. (Image via Bryan R. Smith/AFP.)

Public testimony by longtime Donald Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen before the House Oversight Committee was expected to one of the most exciting Capitol Hill events since Democrats took control of the House of Representative in the 2018 midterm elections.

But it might not happen.

Cohen advisor and former attorney Lanny Davis said to MSNBC's Ari Melber that Cohen was "considering" whether to testify in light of President Trump's attacks on his family.

Melber played a clip of Trump calling in to Fox News to attack Cohen's father-in-law.

"Has that an impact on Mr. Cohen, as we've seen reports about?" Melber asked.

"Very much so," Davis replied. "He is very concerned -- as is his family -- that a bully in the bully pulpit named Donald Trump calls out a member of his family and he's also called out other members of his family, using the White House platform on a national television show."

"Let me be very clear here, this is a definition of witness tampering and intimidation and could be obstruction of justice," Davis charged.

"You're saying in this interview tonight, as Mr. Cohen's adviser, you view what the president is doing already as illegal tampering?" Melber asked.

"There is no question that his threatening and calling out his father-in-law who, 'has all of the money' is not only improper and unseemly for a bully using the bully pulpit of the presidency, but the very definition of intimidation and witness tampering -- especially a witness about to appear before a Congressional committee to tell the truth about what he knows about Donald Trump, by definition that deserves a criminal investigation," Davis answered.

"Do you, from your dealings with Mr. cohen and others view the president as trying to make good on this threat?" Melber asked.

"There is genuine fear and it has caused Michael Cohen to consider whether he should go forward or not and he's not yet made a final decision," Davis revealed.

"Are you saying tonight the testimony may be off?" Melber asked.

"I would just say that the exact words that he's considering whether to go forward in light of the concerns about his family," Davis replied. "My guess is that he won't let a bully silence him, but I can tell you that he is still considering whether to do this or not."