Trumpworld fears Roger Stone will flip on Trump to 'recast himself as the hero' in Russia probe
Roger Stone as he leaves court following his indictment on Friday, January 25, 2019/Screenshot

Roger Stone is President Donald Trump's oldest and, up to now, most loyal political adviser.

But because Stone knows Trump so well, he also knows that the president has no loyalty, according to Trump insiders quoted by Vanity Fair.

After being indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller, Stone has remained defiant, saying there is "no circumstance" in which he will testify against Trump.

But inside Trumpworld, that promise is seen as hollow.

“I could see Roger flipping pretty quickly,” a Republican close to Trump told Vanity Fair.

“Stone knows Donald isn’t loyal. He calls him ‘Mr. Ingratitude,'" said another.

Stone is "as predictable as an unguided missile," the report says, and while Trump "knows Roger wants to be a martyr,” they don't know how that will play out.

"If given the chance to provide a John Dean moment that would ensure his place in the history books, it’s also possible Stone could recast himself as the hero of the Russia probe—while lightening his sentence," the report says.

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