Victim of WikiLeaks taunts Roger Stone about going to prison in WaPo op-ed
Former Clinton 2016 campaign manager John Podesta (Screen capture)

The victim of WikiLeaks publication of stolen emails wrote an op-ed taunting Roger Stone over his arrest on Friday.

John Podesta was the head of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and was the target of a Russian hacking operation that stole thousands of her personal emails and passed them to WikiLeaks which published them to damage Clinton's campaign.

Before the leaks, Stone infamously said that it would soon be "Podesta's time in the barrel,” referring to a vulgar joke.

Now Podesta said the same of Stone.

"Stone’s connection with and boasting about WikiLeaks during the campaign has always been fishy," he writes. "But thanks to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, the truth is finally coming out. Friday’s indictment alleges that a senior campaign official 'was directed' (and by whom?) to contact Stone about the WikiLeaks releases even after it was widely reported that they were a Russian hacking operation."

Podesta mocked the state of the White House, suggesting everyone there should be concerned about going to prison, then mocked Stone's flamboyant dandy style.

"The remaining West Wing staff and the president’s family must be looking over their shoulders, wondering if in adopting the Trump style, they have traded a fancy West Wing office for a cell," he writes. "Stone’s well-documented sartorial tastes always favored wide pinstripes, but I wonder whether prison garb will be up to Stone on Style standards."