WATCH: Libertarian activist stalks and harasses county-employed janitor until he cries and quits
A janitor in Charlotte County, Florida gets filmed by libertarian activist Ian McGuire (Screen cap).

A libertarian first amendment "auditor" this week bragged about getting a county-employed janitor to quit his job after he confronted him about allegedly filming him at a public meeting.

In a video posted on his YouTube page, activist Ian McGuire approaches a janitor at a public meeting in Charlotte County, Florida, and accuses him of covertly filming him. The janitor denies that he ever filmed him and said that he was simply looking at his phone.

"Didn't you tell the other man that you filmed me?" McGuire then asks him.

"No!" replies the janitor.

"So when I put that in my video tonight, you're not going to look like a liar?" McGuire replied.

"You know what I do here?" the janitor then asked. "I make sure nobody runs out of toilet paper. And I also polish the floors out here... I feel like my job... I'm about to quit."

"Why?" asked McGuire.

"Because of you," he replied.

McGuire then followed the janitor out of the room and began taunting him as he tried to walk away.

"How did I put your job in danger, buddy?" he asked.

"You put a camera in my face!" the emotional janitor replied.

"You don't like my taxpayer paid-for job I provide for you?" he asked mockingly.

After the janitor walked away into a restricted area, McGuire then jokingly asked another county employee that he understands there might be a job opening for a janitor soon.

McGuire continued to gloat about harassing the janitor on his YouTube page, as he wrote, "Charlotte County Employee Quits his job because I film him in Public."

Watch the video below.