CNN's Anderson Cooper brutally mocks Trump's 'word game' definition of the border wall
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, CNN's Anderson Cooper mocked President Donald Trump for his flip-flop definition on the word "wall."

Trump has not backed down from fighting for a wall at the US-Mexico border and has threatened to shut down the government again on February 15th if Congress does not approve funds for his border wall.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said that she is not supporting Trump's border wall idea. Cooper called out the president for playing "word games" instead of clearly defining what he wants at the border.

"Today he was back to his word games about whether to call the wall the wall. Not only did the president invent this game, but he also wrote all the rules, he broke them, he changed them, he rewrote them and then he changed them again. A wall is a wall, he says. But he didn't always seem to think so," Cooper said.

Trump has referred to the wall as, slats, fences, and even told Democrats they could call the wall "peaches."

"But now a wall is a wall," Cooper said. "Keeping them honest, the president and his supporters seem to be the only ones who are hung up on what to call this thing that doesn't even exist."

Watch below via CNN.