'You don't even know how to operate an umbrella': Seth Meyers mocks Trump for saying he is a 'professional in technology'
President Trump struggling to close and unbrella [Photo: Screenshot from video]

On Thursday, late-night comedian Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump after he said he was an expert in technology.

Trump has often said that he is an expert in several areas in which he lacks direct experience. While talking to reporters about the US-Mexico border, Trump said a wall is the only way to stop the "crisis."

"There is only one way to get border security, you can have all the technology in the world -- I'm a professional in technology," Trump said.

"No, you are not. You don't know how to operate a computer, you don't even know how to operate an umbrella," Meyers joked.

"Look at how he dresses. He looks like the only technology he is familiar with is a stairlift. He shouldn't be at the White House but at a self-check lane in the grocery store yelling at the computer 'oatmeal, oatmeal I have ID.'"

Watch below.