Angry New Yorkers react to 'predatory and classist' Inside Edition segment
Inside Edition via screen grab.

Over the weekend, Inside Edition released an episode about turnstile jumpers, public transportation passengers who don't pay their fare.

The segment described the problem as "an epidemic." Honing in on New York City and the embattled Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the show tried to pin blame for the poor state of the city's trains on people who don't pay their fare.

New York trains have notoriously become unreliable, with delays, crowded platforms and even mysterious odors making passengers ill. Critics of the organization pointed out that it wasn't fair to blame the agency's problems on a small percent of mostly young people who can't afford to pay their train fare.

The Gothamist reports that the teens scolded for not paying their fare have faced severe repercussions since the segment aired, noting that "vigilante busybodies are now reportedly stalking subway riders."

Many New York riders were angered by the segment—but not in the way the producers likely intended.

"This is predatory and classist. But, in all seriousness, @InsideEdition, please do a story on me next," one user tweeted, as Gothamist noted.

"The subway is so sh*tty, I'm actually f*cking embarrassed that I pay to use it."