In bizarre rant, Trump claims to have border wall funds: 'We have options that most people don’t understand'
Donald Trump speaks from Oval Office at the White House (Fox News/screen grab)

During a bizarre Oval Office rant on Wednesday, President Donald Trump claimed that he has "options" for funding a border wall "that most people don't understand."

The president's remarks came during an appearance with Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez.

Trump told reporters that he has not decided to sign an immigration compromise bill that is being considered by Congress.

"We will be getting it and looking for landmines. You could have that, you know. It's been known to happen before to people," Trump said. "I appreciate all the work of the Republicans have done, because they are really going against a radical left. That's a radical left. They are going against it very hard. They are fighting. But we are in very good shape, and we are going to take a look at it when it comes. I don't want to see a shut down. A shutdown would be a terrible thing."

"Regardless of what I do, we already have, as you know, a lot of money," he continued. "We are building existing wall with existing funds. But have a lot of options. Just like we do with Venezuela, we have the border and we have a lot of options. A lot of things are happening. Very positive things.

“We have options that most people don’t really understand," Trump said, reacting to reports that Democrats will not authorize the full $5.7 billion for a border barrier.

Later in the appearance, Trump said that his barrier would be a "great wall" with "drones and all sorts of technology."

Watch the video below from Fox News.