California GOP doubling down on supporting Trump in 2020 after devastating mid-term losses: report
President Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

After a historic wipeout in the 2018 mid-term elections, one might think California Republicans would seek to moderate their message in order to grab crucial Orange County swing voters, independents and even a few moderate Democrats in advance of the 2020 elections. However, according to a new Sacramento Bee report, the party may go in a different direction: doubling down on Trumpism.

California’s Tea Party Caucus is hosting a “Build the Wall Dinner” Feb 23rd in Sacramento as the California Republican party decides its new direction this weekend at their annual convention at a convention center nearby.

The newspaper quotes John Berry, a convention delegate who will be attending the Tea Party event.

“We’ve declined significantly in the last few years,” Berry said of the GOP’s current woeful standing in California.

“Republicans are unfortunately about the establishment…we need to go in a whole new direction that’s a little more bold and forceful,” he said of the GOP’s hopeful Trumpian turn.

Another California Tea Partier, Travis Allen, told the Bee he wants his state’s Republican party to be more supportive of Donald Trump, and less like successful moderate Republicans that were past winners in the Golden State, such as Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“This is a great American president,” he told the paper of his love for Trump. “It’s about time that the Republican party in California stands by its Republican president.”

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