'There is a chance Vladimir Putin is controlling the White House': National security expert
Kremlin photo of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday, former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe acknowledged that he believed President Donald Trump posed a threat to the United States. After right-wing pundits accused McCabe of treason and attempting to wage a coup, he noted that his investigation had followed legal protocol and that Congress had been aware of the probe.

On CNN Tuesday, national security expert Samantha Vinograd wondered if the investigation is still ongoing and what that could mean for potential Russian interference in US policy.

"Is that investigation still ongoing? McCabe has said that the President's moves to undercut investigations, to believe Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence officials, to make personnel decisions based on Russia related matters, all led to this investigation," Vinograd observed.

"McCabe would have laid that out before the Gang of Eight. But just in the past few days, the counterintelligence red flags are flying a lot higher than they did arguably than when this investigation was first launched," she pointed out.

"And that this investigation is continuing and there is still a chance that Vladimir Putin is controlling the White House.