CNN hosts mock ‘humor impaired’ Trump’s empty threats to investigate SNL: ‘There’s no comedy police’
Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump/CNN screen shot

CNN's New Day ended on a high note on Monday, as a panel shared a laugh at "humor-impaired" President Donald Trump's expense, after the 45th resident of the Oval Office spent the weekend raging at the comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live, for satirizing him.

The derisive laughter began almost immediately, with host Alisyn Camerota asking reporter Brian Stelter if "the comedy police" were going to come haul the cast of the show away.

"Laugh so you don't cry," agreed Stelter, noting that throwing a tantrum was old hat for the president, who has repeatedly threatened Saturday Night Live with no follow-through. He added that the president was "locked in a twisted relationship" with frequent SNL guest Alec Baldwin. "He's giving Alec Baldwin exactly what Alec Baldwin what wants. I could argue that Baldwin's sketch, his impersonations get a little boring, a little tired, a little predictable, and then President Trump comes along and gives it new life and new energy."

"Obviously the reason nothing happens is we don't have a comedy police, and we do have a First Amendment," said host John Avlon of Trump's empty threats. "What is he trying to communicate? What does he think is out there that can be done to address his grievances?"

"It's us versus them," replied Stelter, who said the president had few options outside of "angrily tweeting." He added that Baldwin was clearly goading the president with his own response on Twitter, asking if Trump was threatening his family.

Stelter wondered aloud whether Trump's attacks were borne of "authoritarian impulses to control the media versus insecurity or even incompetence."

"He is just complaining, venting. Nobody takes it seriously. That's the strange place we're in now," Stelter said. "He says these things outrageous and inappropriate and yet we shrug it off because he never does anything about it. It's not a healthy place to be for a country." Avlon worried that signified the "normalization" of Trump's behavior and compared him Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

"The problem is, and this is one of the very unique things about President Trump, he is humorless. He is humor impaired," chimed in Camerota. "This is not an original thought today. He has never been captured laughing on any camera of any kind. He has never made a joke, at least not a funny one. He's humor impaired."

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