CNN's Don Lemon wallops Trump for his Twitter attacks on Obama after he spent years harassing him
Don Lemon on CNN/Screenshot

CNN's Don Lemon said that the multiple investigations into President Donald Trump have him "triggered" during his Thursday show.

Trump tweeted that he was experiencing "presidential harassment" with all of the investigations closing in on him.

"Maybe there should be a trigger warning for the president with all of the investigations swirling around him," Lemon said. "Because he sure sounds triggered."

Trump tweeted, "Presidential harassment. It should never be allowed to happen again."

"Presidential harassment? Okay," Lemon said.

Lemon then ripped Trump for being a hypocrite after he spent years harassing former President Barack Obama and spreading conspiracy theories about him.

"This is from a man who literally spent years harassing President Obama with that racist birther lie that he wasn't born in the country. Right? Oh, 'he doesn't work hard, he's always on the golf course,'" Lemon said.

"Trump is on the golf course way more than President Obama ever was, and takes more vacations, spends more money with the Secret Service. Remember all of that?" he said.

Watch below via CNN: