CNN's Don Lemon unleashes fury on the GOP: ‘If Cohen lied about hush money, didn’t Trump?’
CNN host Don Lemon/Screenshot

Don Lemon had some choice words for supporters of President Trump Wednesday evening regarding today's testimony from Michael Cohen.

"If Cohen lied about hush money, didn't Trump?" the CNN host asked. "Come on, people, use your brain" Lemon continued on his CNN show.

"You cannot care about one liar and then dismiss another," he said, adding, "that is the definition of hypocrisy."

"If you believe that Michael Cohen lied, then you gotta believe that the president lied, too....that's how it works: logic, facts, works that way," he fumed.

Lemon played several key moments from Cohen's Congressional turn before the House Oversight Committee on his program Wednesday night, and then launched into Trump in a hot tirade.

"Is this what the Trump presidency has done to us," he asked.

"Has it turned us into a nation that will accept anything from a man who told us that he could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue, and then not lose voters?"

Watch the opening segment below.