CNN’s Jennifer Granholm calls out the 18 GOP ‘invertebrate’ senators who claimed they would oppose Trump on his emergency declaration
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Jennifer Granholm had some choice words for Republican Senators Thursday on CNN.

Appearing on the cable network's Cuomo Prime Time, the political commentator, in a discussion on President Donald Trump's decision to announce a national emergency related to the southern border with Mexico, described 18 Senators from the right side of the aisle as "invertebrates" in a heated segment that also featured former GOP Senator Rick Santorum.

"There are 18 Republican members of the Senate alone who have expressed opposition to a national emergency declaration before the President declares it," she said. "You better believe that is a political jeopardy for someone like Susan Collins (R) in Maine...people who are gonna be up [for re-election] in 2020," she said of Republicans now potentially faced with supporting Trump’s ’emergency’ move.

Calling out those same Republicans, she mocked them as “invertebrates” who now need to stand up to Trump.

Watch the segment below: