'Cohen knows about money': CNN's Phil Mudd predicts Trump is doomed after latest Michael Cohen bombshell
Phil Mud [Photo: Screengrab from CNN]

Counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd didn't hold back Friday on Wolf Blitzer's The Situation Room.

The CNN commentator and frequent Trump critic weighed in on the recent New York Times report saying Michael Cohen may have given federal prosecutors new information on the Trump family business.

"He's not a good poker player," Mudd said of Trump. "He played his hand already....look at his Twitter feed. How many times has he gone after campaign people such as [Paul] Manafort, [Rick] Gates, [Michael] Flynn? Flynn was the first cooperator and the number of times the president has gone after Flynn, I could probably count on one hand."

On the other hand, Mudd continued, "how many times has he gone after Cohen? Countless times...what's the difference between Manafort, Gates, Flynn and Cohen? Cohen knows about money. I think the president's worried because he knows he has a vulnerability on this issue, and he told us [he did]."

Gloria Borger, who also appeared alongside Mudd on Friday's episode of The Situation Room echoed the sentiment.

"We know that Michael Cohen is such an important link in all of this," she said. "Yes, his credibility will be questioned, sure, but he has said publicly: 'I have a story to tell.'"

Watch the segment below.