Conservative tries to scare Democrats away from getting Trump's taxes -- and it backfires spectacularly
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Conservative Byron York, a writer at the Washington Examiner, issued an ominous warning on Tuesday about Democrats who want to use their powers to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns.

In a Twitter message promoting his new story on Democratic efforts to get Trump's taxes, York writes that "if Democrats get Trump tax returns, some Republicans warning what goes around comes around."

York then quoted an unnamed GOP official who said that, "Once you go down the road, there's no turning back... there are lots of people we could have subpoenaed their tax returns the last few years that would be very interesting."

However, York's tweet was immediately bombarded by liberals and Democrats who cheered on any effort to make politicians more accountable by releasing their tax returns. What's more, they pointed out that the only reason Democrats are going to unprecedented lengths to obtain Trump's taxes is that Trump has steadfastly refused to release them, defying both his own campaign promises and 40 years' worth of norms among presidential candidates.

Check out some of the reactions below.