'Dumbest f*cking idea': Lindsey Graham flips out on Trump's acting defense secretary in expletive-filled tirade
Lindsey Graham. (AFP Photo/MICHAEL REYNOLDS)

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham freaked out and got into an expletive-laden shouting match with Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan during a briefing on the situation in Syria, NBC reporter Courtney Kube told MSNBC on Wednesday, saying Graham told Shanahan the two were "adversaries."

"Lindsey Graham, who has been pretty outspoken in recent weeks about his opposition to withdrawing all U.S. troops from Syria, he really pressed the acting secretary on the plan and on whether Shanahan agrees with this plan, saying and using some colorful language," Kube said.

"When Secretary Shanahan just continued to defend the plan and continued to defend the planned withdrawal, which at this point is still on track to be complete by the end of April, Lindsey Graham shouted out at him 'if that's your plan, I consider you my adversary," she went on. "It was a really tense moment."

Watch the video below.