Ex-Fox News guest hammers 'half-witted' network hosts and 'audience of half-witted people' for border lies
Tiffany Cross (MSNBC/screen grab)

Journalist Tiffany Cross of The Beat DC on Sunday blasted supporters of President Donald Trump's border wall as "half-wits."

During a panel discussion about the way Trump demonizes immigrants, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Cross how Fox News could "keep up the fiction of violence" in border cities like El Paso.

"You've been a guest on Fox News," Reid told Cross. "How does that Earth keep up the fiction of violence when even the sheriff -- they can't even go to a live shot with the sheriff to back to back up their claims?"

"Yeah, I've been on Fox News before and the problem is [Trump is] going on with a half-witted host who has an audience full of half-witted people who have no interest in truth or facts," Cross asserted. "The real national emergency here is, Joy, a sea full if ignorant red MAGA hats who have no type of intellectual curiosity about these things."

"They will take this president's word even if it's at their own peril," she continued, "even when it destroys the country that they claim to love so much, even when devastates children they claim to want to protect, even when it runs contrary to a god they claim to serve."

According to Cross, "There is nothing that supports this president's lies. It's just a bunch of people that have no interest in truth. They are fact-averse. And this is how he's able to get away with this time and time again."

Watch the video below from MSNBC.