President Donald Trump's former Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, stepped down in December.

But reporters are still sussing out all of the possible misdeeds by the "deeply strange" man who pretended to be a geologist.

The latest involved a squabble with neighbors that erupted when Zinke invited friends over to drink beer, grill meat and watch a football game between the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys.

As the Washington Post reports, Zinke was a "man on the edge" before his ouster and called U.S. Park Police about a minor disagreement over parking outside during his cookout.

The police force is part of the Interior Department, meaning it was under Zinke’s direction.

During the cookout, one of Zinke's friends told him a black SUV idling outside was a "possible reporter.”

“It seemed a little too coincidental for me to have an incident like that and have it not be a reporter," Zinke told the paper, citing the media scrutiny he’d been under. “The questions asked were not neighbor questions."

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