Ex-Trump campaign official describes 'reign of terror' waged against her for blowing whistle on harassment
Former Trump campaign official Jessica Denson appears on CNN (Screen cap).

A former Trump campaign official on Friday gave a jaw-dropping interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota in which she described a culture of harassment and intimidation intended to silence anyone who brought complaints about poor behavior from their higher ups.

Jessica Denson, a former Trump campaign official in charge of outreach to Hispanic Trump supporters, told Camerota that she is suing to have the nondisclosure agreement she signed voided so she can talk publicly about the mistreatment she received while working for the campaign.

"I was subjected to a reign of terror by the man who hired me, a man by the name of Camilo Sandoval," she said. "He could not stand that a woman whom he had hired, essentially, to be a prop in his data department got a meaningful promotion and was demonstrating her value. And he launched an all-out assault on my character, he tried to steal my personal laptop, he tried to engage other staffers in this theft and hacking of my devices."

Denson said that she tried to report Sandoval's harassment to her superiors but was quickly shot down.

"I went to the campaign thinking that they would support and protect me," she said. "And instead, the chief information officer, Jeff DeWit, and the human resources director, Lucia Castellano, completely retaliated against me, took away all the work I was doing, banned me from Trump Tower."

She then described how the Trump campaign served her with an arbitration demand for $1.5 million for allegedly violating her NDA after she filed her lawsuit against them.

Watch the video below.