Former CIA official slams 'Humpty-Trumpty' for diverting funds meant for wars to his wall
Donald Trump speaks in Roosevelt Room at the White House (screen grab)

The controversy over the President's border wall continues, after Donald Trump declaring a national emergency last Friday. The top Republican leadership appears to support his decision, even as states' Attorneys General are considering suing the President over what they see as a federal government power grab.

On MSNBC Monday, former CIA official and MSNBC contributor Jeremy Bash explained why the president's move was so dangerous.

"These are forward operating bases, hospitals for our troops, funds that will be used to fight and win wars and 'Humpty-Trumpty' is going to take it for his wall and all of the king's horses and all of the king's men are going to be able to put it back together for him," Bash said. "I think what's so unbelievable, Nicolle, he's so condescending to his base because he doesn't think they know the difference."

Trump is threatening to take funds from the military and put them toward the wall. Trump said that when the generals told him what the funds were to be spent on, he didn't think they were that important. The funds were to be spent to improve residences to troops overseas as well as other things for soldiers.