Fox & Friends: Trump has to declare a national emergency because ‘people went to the polls to vote for that wall’
Fox and Friends (Screen Shot)

Fox News is doing everything possible to support President Donald Trump and his extraordinary decision to declare a national emergency to build his wall. The President at 10 AM Friday will deliver a speech from the Rose Garden at the White House to announce he will usurp over $6 billion from the Defense Dept. and re-allocate the funds for construction of his Souther Border wall.

"This is one of the reasons people went to the polls to vote for him – for that wall, and if you ask Republicans who support him and support the wall, they say it's common sense," says "Fox & Friends" co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Earhardt neglects to mention the majority of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump – he lost the popular vote.

Steve Doocy claims taking the funds from Pentagon drug interdiction and military construction programs, "makes sense."

All these arguments are very carefully crafted to subtly convince Fox News viewers what President Trump is doing is right – even if it may be unconstitutional and will definitely end up in the courts.

Of course Fox News viewers want to be on the side of "Republicans who support him and support the wall," so of course they will end up agreeing that taking the extraordinary measure to declare a national emergency, when there is none, "makes sense," even when it does not.

The wall, Americans will remember, was a mnemonic device, "a memory trick for an undisciplined candidate," created by his political advisers to make sure he remembered to talk about immigration at his rallies.

Border crossings are at a 50-year low. There is no national emergency, and even if there were, Trump's claim it will all but eliminate illegal drugs being smuggled into the country is false, since the vast majority come through legal ports of entry.

But watch how "Fox & Friends" spins this: