‘Frightening’ new normal is coming if Trump gets away with his national emergency gambit: USA Today columnist
President Donald Trump declares a national emergency/CNN screen shot

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers told CNN on Friday that she was worried that if the courts uphold President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration, it would set a "frightening" precedent that would allow him to declare an emergency whenever he wanted to bypass Congress, a 'new normal' that every other president would take advantage of.

Powers expressed her concerns after host Jim Sciutto asked her if the president was "setting himself up for another loss" with his declaration.

"If he ends up being successful in the courts," Powers said, "then I don't think it is a loss for him."

"I think in the end, he will have grabbed a bunch of power," she continued."I doubt this is the last national emergency that we see, which I think is a frightening idea."

Powers said if Trump prevails in court, emergency declarations "could become a new normal regardless of who is president."

"Whenever they can't get what they want from Congress, or think that they can't get what they want, they'll just declare a national emergency," she said. "Facts be damned."

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