'Frosty the Slowman': Climate scientists are reveling in this Daily Show segment ripping Trump's stupidity

Climate scientists gave a round of applause Thursday night to a segment on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" that quickly—and with an appropriate level of frustration—showed the ignorance of President Donald Trump's continued confusion over the difference between climate and weather.

"President Frosty the Slowman" is the only one who doesn't seem to understand the difference, said correspondent Ronny Chieng. Holding a chart depicting the planet's increasing average land and ocean temperatures, Chieng said, "It doesn't matter if it's sometimes cold in Cincinnati because the line keeps going the f--k up."

Among the experts applauding the segment was atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who Tweeted, "Thank you @ronnychieng for giving voice to what every climate scientist is thinking but is too polite to say."

Watch the full "Daily Show" segment below: