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GOP strategist shames the hypocrites in his party calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign



African American Republican strategist Shermichael Singleton had harsh words on Wednesday for the “hypocrites” in his own party, telling MSNBC the GOP had “no moral authority” to call for the resignation of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after she made comments critical of AIPAC.

Host Hallie Jackson noted that Omar’s response to President Donald Trump’s call for her resignation highlighted the president’s own long history of racial and religious bigotry, and asked if the Republicans were guilty of double standards. Singleton didn’t hold back.

“Of course it’s a double standard,” he said, saying the party was indulging in “a fallacy we call a tu quoque, it’s an appeal to hypocrisy.”

“The Republicans are saying ‘you shouldn’t do this, therefore this person should resign,'” he said, saying the party was quite content to tolerate the likes of Steve King (R-IA) and Cindy Hyde Smith, both of who have been cited for racism, including making jokes about lynchings. “It’s difficult for Republicans to say ‘Democrats, you need to clean up your house’ when our house is a complete disaster.”

“The reality is the Vice President and many of these Republicans in the House and in the Senate who are calling for her to resign, I should say, they lack the moral authority to do so,” he said. “Let’s be honest here. The president of the United States is someone who has at least most certainly played around with racism, and Republicans by and large have remained quiet out of fear of retribution from the base. They have no grounds to speak on this.”


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Russia launches criminal case over gay couple’s adoption



Russia on Wednesday said it had opened an unprecedented criminal case accusing officials of negligence for allowing a gay couple to adopt two children.

The Investigative Committee, which probes serious cases, said that Moscow social workers were suspected of criminal negligence for allowing the two boys to live in the family since 2010.

This is the first such case ever launched, reported Interfax news agency.

"Nothing like this has happened before," said lawyer Maksim Olenichev of Vykhod (Coming Out) support group based in the northwestern city of Saint Petersburg.

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GOP looks like it’s in a ‘state of panic’ after labeling combat veteran a ‘socialist loser’ for running as a Democrat: columnist



Republicans in Cincinnati, Ohio, may have overstepped the boundaries of poor taste, calling a former Air Force pilot a "socialist loser."

As columnist Jason Williams writes in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the GOP majorly flubbed their campaign against the Democrat.

"Yeesh, not a good look for the Trump Party," Williams writes. "Democrat Nikki Foster is neither a socialist nor a loser, from what little we know about the Mason moderate after she launched her campaign in Ohio's 1st Congressional District on Monday."

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Pelosi slaps Trump with a backhanded compliment: ‘He’s a great distractor — that’s what this is about’



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday accused President Donald Trump of making a racist attack on four U.S. congresswomen to distract from failures in his administration.

At a press conference, Pelosi told the reporters that lawmakers were "gentle" in condemning only Trump's tweets as "racist" in a recent vote.

"We weren't saying he is racist," she explained. "We were saying that the words that he used were racist."

"We all know the argument that could be made against us in terms of our philosophy, in terms of our priorities and the rest," Pelosi said. "And the president knows there are arguments that could be made against him and, therefore, he wants to distract from them."

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