Here's the reason Trump likes to 'curry favor with dictators': MSNBC analyst
President Donald Trump salutes a member of North Korea's military (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has a history of expressing his affection for dictators and one MSNBC commentator thinks she knows why.

Trump spent the latter part of the week cuddling with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who he noted he "fell in love" with.

“It’s a very interesting thing to say, but I’ve developed a very, very good relationship,” Trump told American governors in remarks Sunday. “We’ll see what that means. But he’s never had a relationship with anybody from this country and hasn’t had lots of relationships anywhere.”

"He, at one moment, accepted the assessment of the intelligence community anding people who work for him and understood who did it and he either yesterday forgot or changed his story, or doesn't mean anything he says, or all of the above?" asked MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace Thursday.

MoveOn spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre explained that the sad answer is "all of the above."

"Look, he likes to also curry favor with these dictators because I think he wants to be them," she explained. "We see time and time again evidence of someone, this is Donald Trump, who wants to have kind of authoritarianism in this he fearmongers. He attacks the media. He politicizes his intelligence community. He does things over and over again that's pretty scary, that's bordering that line what is happening here, what is the commander in chief doing? Lastly, he's putting us in danger, our national security in danger. When you looked up and you put on the pedestal dictators but then you shun our allies. He plays nicer with dictators than he does with Democrats in the House or in Washington, D.C."

Wallace cut in to say that Trump is nicer to Kim over Democrats but also Republicans.

"He attacked Paul Ryan last week more harshly than he attacked Kim Jong Un, for not building his damn wall," Wallace said.

Watch the full discussion below: