House Dems chose ‘the perfect day’ to drag in Cohen if they wanted to humiliate Trump in Vietnam: CNN analyst
Michael Cohen (ABC News)

Democrats seem to have chosen "the perfect day" to drag President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, in for public testimony before the House Oversight Committee, perfectly timed to coincide with diplomatic trip to Vietnam. So said CNN justice correspondent Evan Pérez on Thursday.

Host John King expected that the hearings would make "remarkable theater" given the evidence Cohen has, including tapes of his conversations with then-candidate Trump lining up hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, when Pérez broke in to "note one small thing."

"This is going to be happening while the president is conducting foreign relations in Vietnam, right?" he said with a chuckle. "It's almost like the Democrats took a look at the calendar and saw the perfect day to do this."

"It's going to be extremely embarrassing to the president, that's one thing we know," agreed White House correspondent Abby Phillip. "Michael Cohen, whether or not these things are necessarily illegal or putting the president in any kind of legal jeopardy, they're going to be embarrassing to him, and Michael Cohen has absolutely no reason to protect President Trump anymore."

Cohen is "going to talk about his conversations with the president and talk about everything that's been going on in the Trump Organization that he might have been a part of," Phillip predicted. And the president, she added, would not be pleased.

"Certainly at a time when President Trump is traveling overseas, he's already spoken about how embarrassing these kinds of probes are to him, how he believes they diminish him on the world stage," Phillip said. "This is going to be yet another example of something like that, that's going to be right there for the world to see."

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