House Freedom Caucus crushed by conservative writer for sucking up to Trump and becoming 'irrelevant'
Freedom Caucus member Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is confronted about sexual abuse on Fox News. (Screenshot)

A conservative columnist tore into the GOP's 'Freedom Caucus' Thursday in The American Conservative magazine.

"How the mighty have fallen," Barbara Boland wrote.

"Though HFC members were the original, outsider, populist candidates, the House Freedom Caucus has transmogrified so thoroughly that it bears no resemblance to what it used to be," the writer continued. "Once Jeremiahs crying in the desert about fiscal responsibility and presidential overreach, they have become the executive branch’s biggest cheerleaders."

Boland, who has written for conservative outlets such as Fox News, noted the hypocrisy of Freedom Caucus Republicans such as Jim Jordan (R-OH), who railed against Obama for doing things that Trump is currently engaging in this year, such as invoking a 'national emergency' in order to get his border wall.

"Republicans bitterly opposed President Obama’s use of executive orders to work around Congress on health care and the Iran deal," Boland wrote in her column. "When the executive branch oversteps, the other branches and the people themselves act in correction. The House Freedom Caucus came into being precisely because its members felt that Congress’s power of the purse was being diminished due to executive orders and an opaque continuing resolution process....if anyone should have been foursquare against Trump’s national emergency—regardless of what they thought of the border wall itself—it was [the Freedom Caucus]."

The writer then went on to crush the caucus, calling them "irrelevant" at one point in her piece, which is titled "The Sad Decline of the House Freedom Caucus."

"Trump has accomplished what John Boehner could never do...he has caused conservative legislators to betray their principles, and in so doing to become irrelevant," she wrote.

Read the full column here.