House Judiciary panel to hammer Trump with public hearings about his 'abusive' attacks on FBI and the media
President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on January 23, 2019/Screenshot

House Democrats are poised to open an investigation into Donald Trump's "abuses of power" that will include public hearings.

Bloomberg News reported Thursday that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) will announce the probe in a few days per a House official.

The probe will focus on "Trump’s public humiliation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his attacks on actions by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court and his abuse of reporters as 'dishonest' and 'enemies of the people,'" the House official told Bloomberg.

"The official said there are questions about whether Trump, through some of his actions, is going too far and undermining the rule of law, a reference to established and defined limits on the arbitrary exercise of power," the report noted, adding that the official said "Nadler is opening the investigation in part because his committee is responsible for defending the rule of law."

It's unclear who Democrats plan to bring as witnesses in the proposed public hearings.