'Incoherent rambling': conservative columnist blasts Trump's El Paso rally speech
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Trump held a rally last night in El Paso, Texas, and not everyone was impressed. Conservative columnist for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, said it contained “the same nonsensical, incoherent rambling that only his hard-line base appreciates.”

Further, Rubin notes that Trump rallies lately may have lost their ability to capture the attention of Americans. In fact, she notes, the man at the center of the rallies has become a “bore.”

Rubin writes:

“Trump is left with his cultlike followers, vague threats to ‘finish’ the wall regardless of Congress, his mindless chants and his sycophantic right-wing media. As for the rest of the country, most Americans have little reason to pay attention to his rants. He’s not setting policy nor saying anything new. In fact, he has become a bit of a bore.”

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