Indicted GOP congressman whines to Fox News that US troops have to follow rules of engagement
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA). Image via screengrab.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) complained on Fox News Wednesday about military service members being forced to abide by "rules of engagement" during a discussion about soldiers accused of committing atrocities.

Splinter reported that Hunter, perhaps best-known for winning reelection in 2018 in spite of indictment for campaign finance violations and vaping on the floor of the House of Representatives, whined about "compassionate combat" during his Wednesday morning hit.

The former Marine claimed that Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn is "under suspicion for premeditated murder" — without mentioning that the major has been accused of "taking a captured Afghan insurgent off the base he was being held at, executing him, and then burning his body in a trash pit to hide the evidence," the report noted.

Hunter also mentioned Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL accused of executing a teen prisoner of war with a hunting knife, calling in false targets to get a mosque bombed, "shooting at innocent civilians with an assault rifle" and a number of other war crimes, the Navy Times reported earlier in the week.

According to the congressman, Gallagher "is in trouble for killing bad guys the wrong way."

“What I think we have here is what the U.S. government would call ‘compassionate combat,’” he told Fox and Friends. “The U.S. government over the last five years under President Bush, and crystallized under President Obama, has wanted us to kill the bad guys, but in the right way. Meaning compassionate and only under the rules of engagement that they say to you.”

"If you kill the bad guys that we actually say are bad guys the wrong way, well, the U.S. government, then, is gonna try you for murder and put you in jail," Hunter added, "even if you're a decorated Green Beret or Navy SEAL."