Internet ridicules Roger Stone as his defense completely fails and judge slaps him with a full gag order
Roger Stone attends premiere Get Me Roger Stone at SVA during 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. (lev radin /

Roger Stone, a friend and former top advisor to President Donald Trump, appeared at a hearing Thursday to throw himself on the mercy of the court for his attack meme against the judge in the case.

According to Courthouse News reporter Britian Eakin, Stone was all over the place with excuses for what happened.

First, Stone claimed that a staffer or volunteer posted the meme. Just a few moments later, Stone said that he posted the image. When Judge Amy Berman Jackson probed him further, Stone clarified that the volunteer sent him the image but he was the one who uploaded it to the account.

While Stone admitted it was a mistake and huge error in judgment, Jackson questioned the sincerity. She wanted to know if Stone told right-wing conspiracy peddler InfoWars that the attention over his Instagram meme was an example of the media making him a target.

"I want to know if you said that," Jackson said.

Stone said "yes," but he said that because he felt the media was adding malicious intent to a photo he said he didn't even notice had crosshairs on it.

"The defendant's testimony at this hearing was not credible," Eakin quoted prosecutor Jonathan Kravis. He said that Stone's "apologies are belied by his testimony - even after he realized the Instagram post was a mistake he continued to make media statements echoing its message (Mueller = deep state hitman, the #fixisin)."

Jackson said that she was concerned that Stone has used his platform to "incite others who may feel less constrained," and it poses a "risk that others with violent inclinations might be inflamed," Eakin said. she called his actions "deliberate" and called him out for not being able to keep his story straight while on the stand.

She called the apology "hollow," but thanked his attorneys for theirs. She decided he can no longer post to any social media or make public appearances. She noted he can still fundraise for his defense, but the gag order just locked down the so-called "dirty trickster."

Jackson said that there would be no "third chance," and if he violates the gag order again he'll go to jail.

Watch the internet unleash hilarity below: