Internet rips Joy Villa for her 'build the wall' dress: 'Why does she keep getting invited places?'
D-list Spotify singer Joy Villa (Photo: Screen capture)

D-list celebrity Joy Villa arrived at the Grammys clad in a dress with "build the wall" scrolled on it and wrapped in barbed wire. Some wondered if she got the idea from the Pink Floyd album "The Wall."

This isn't the first time she's done something supportive of President Donald Trump. At a previous ceremony, Villa wore a "Make America Great Again" dress.

The Scientologist singer told Twitter she doesn't care what people think and quoted Trump's fake talking points about sex traffickers bringing women and children over tied in the back of a van. The line has been traced back to a fictional movie Trump watched.

The Root asked how Villa manages to continue to get invited to things. It's a question many are asking on Twitter.

You can see the rest of the smackdowns below:

Some other man, who apparently opens for Britany Spears also wore a pro-Trump outfit.