John Bolton and Putin are a dangerous combo -- who will probably doom more nuclear treaties: Former DOD official
Fox News neocon and soon-to-be Trump national security adviser John Bolton. (Image via Wikimedia Commons. )

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia Evelyn Farkas eulogized the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty in a Friday MSNBC appearance, and worried that "hawks" John Bolton and Vladimir Putin would manage to destroy the historic START treaty as well.

"Whenever you have a treaty, you have verifications and inspectors, you have some sense of what's going on in the ground," Farkas said. "When the U.S. has that sense, our European allies do, because we share with them the intelligence." She added that "it's better to have a treaty" because Russia's intermediate range weapons threaten not only our allies, but U.S troops and civilians "living and working in Europe."

"We've John Bolton advising the president on a lot of these things, he's hawkish. We have Vladimir Putin, who's proved that he's hawkish," said host Ai Velshi. "This isn't 1987 with Reagan and Gorbachev sitting down."

Farkas went further and said that Putin stood against everything Gorbachev ever achieved.

"Vladimir Putin, the guy who said 'I'm really upset there is no more Soviet Union.' He blames Gorbachev, he wants to undo everything Gorbachev did," Farkas said disparagingly. "So this is kind of a logical thing for him to want to dismantle".

"Bolton, he does not believe you can trust arms control, he believes the other side is going to cheat so it's not worth it," Farkas added. "Even when there is cheating, it is still worth it."

Watch the video below.