John Oliver mocks Trump for celebrating his national emergency with a Florida vacation and an omelet bar
HBO's John Oliver opens his show with a discussion of Trump's week/Screenshot

HBO host John Oliver returned to his weekly news show Sunday. After a holiday hiatus, Oliver explained that there wasn't enough time to go into all of the things that they missed. Ultimately, he concluded everyone is running for president, he screwed up Christmas for a child and misspelled everything.

"If there's one thing Trump's good at -- it's f*cking up children forever," Oliver said of the Christmas girl.

But the new developments, Oliver said, are about the fake national emergency declarations. The host ridiculed the president for completely screwing up his own emergency. If he were to tweet it, Oliver anticipated he'd misspell it by saying, "The Berder Cornstidutes a Nertional Ederdency!!"

"To be clear, there is zero national emergency going on at the border right now," Oliver continued. "Illegal crossings have been declining for 20 years. And as we've talked before on this show, a wall would be expensive and completely ineffective. But putting that aside, declaring a national emergency is a big step."

He explained that the purpose is to temporarily expand the president's power during a time of crisis. Previous presidents have done it for outbreaks of disease, substantial natural disasters or after acts of terrorism.

"So, Trump needed to sell this as a real emergency," Oliver said. "And yet, within minutes of declaring it, he said this:"

Oliver then showed the clip of Trump admitting that it wasn't that much of an emergency after all.

"Well, it's not an emergency then, is it!" Oliver exclaimed. The host then concluded that it probably wasn't the first time Trump declared that he could do something over a longer period of time, but would prefer not to. The host showed a photo of the Trump couple in bed with the hashtag #CoupleGoals.

Oliver explained that it doesn't bode well for the president to then fly off to Florida to play golf and have his photo taken at an omelet bar.

"Where he's apparently been photographed waiting at an omelet bar. You know, the kind of thing you do when America is in crisis," Oliver said.

Watch below: