John Oliver takes down North Carolina Republican -- using his own words against him
John Oliver goes after Mark Harris (Photo: Screen capture)

In his Sunday episode of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver ripped apart Pastor Mark Harris (R-NC) for an utterly pathetic attempt at cheating his way to win a seat in Congress.

Oliver began with an old video of Harris denouncing the show "Three's Company," which he mistook for as some kind of gay television show. The problem is that it didn't have anything to do with LGBT people at all. Harris attacked the head of ABC, at the time, for putting the show on television and normalizing homosexuality, which Harris said was evil.

"He said, that the devil knows, if they can get us to laugh at it now, we're only one generation away from being asked to accept it as a purely alternative lifestyle," Harris said to his congregation.

"OK, let me get this straight, Mark. Satan was an ABC executive in the 1970s and 'Threes Company,' a show with no actual gay characters in it, was his project to destroy America. Are you absolutely sure it wasn't a show about a glamorous nautical f*ck palace," Oliver said showing the Love Boat logo. "Or the alien immigrant made entirely out of cocaine," Oliver said showing "Mork and Mindy."

Oliver even showed footage of Harris' odd way of escaping reporter by illegally pulling a fire alarm and running out of a building, across the parking lot and to his car, before driving away.

The host walked through the week of intense back and forth hearings with Harris' son and campaign manager, who testified that he warned against breaking the law, but he was ignored.

He showed the clips of Harris finally succumbing to the realization that there was no way out for him. The Republican ultimately asked for a new election.

"And that is the verbal equivalent of running out an emergency exit and setting off a fire alarm," Oliver said. "And I would love to keep making fun of this story, but as Harris himself will tell you, the danger is, if they can get us to laugh at it now, we're just one generation from being asked to accept committing election fraud as a purely alternative lifestyle."

Watch the clip below: