Kellyanne Conway fumbles question on Trump's fights with intel chiefs: 'He doesn't distrust' them -- he just doesn't believe them
Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News (Screen cap).

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway got into a testy exchange with Fox News host Harris Faulkner on Monday when asked about President Donald Trump's very public feuds with his own intelligence agencies.

During an interview on Fox News, Faulkner asked Conway whether Trump could successfully conduct a summit on denuclearizing North Korea when the president doesn't trust the CIA's assessment that the country has not taken any steps to disarm its nuclear weapons.

"He doesn't distrust his intelligence team!" Conway insisted. "He said that when he disagrees, he lets that be known. And he let it be known very publicly recently."

"Kellyanne, does the president trust what his intel chiefs are saying about North Korea heading into the second summit?" Faulkner asked.

"The president is listening to his intelligence team," Conway replied. "And he's also listening to the reports that he's seen in the past... He believes that we can achieve -- not that we have, and not even that we're super close -- but that we can achieve complete denuclearization. He has to at least try!"

"What you're saying is it's not that he isn't listening to them, he's going to figure out what he believes in what they're saying and what the facts are?" Faulkner asked.

"Correct," Conway said.

Watch the video below.