Liam Neeson says powerwalking cured him of his racist murder fantasy
Liam Neeson on the Red Carpet in Berlin (Glyn Lowe Photoworks/Flickr)

Over the weekend, actor Liam Neeson admitted to be so enraged when a friend told him she'd been raped by a black male, that he wandered around looking for any black man to kill.

Although Neeson seemed contrite about wanting to target random black people, the actor's comments nevertheless triggered an immense amount of controversy, given that they seemed to support the idea of modern lynching.

On Tuesday, the actor tried to quell the controversy. Speaking with ABC News, Neeson insisted that he's not racist and that he rid himself of the urge to kill a random black man with power walking.

"I'm not a racist," Neeson told "Good Morning America" Tuesday. Nevertheless, he felt a "primal urge to lash out."

He also suggested that power walking helped him defuse his racist murder fantasy.