McCabe took 'copious notes' of everything he did: Former FBI assistant director says more bombshells to drop
Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe pictured on September 21, 2016 (FBI PHOTO)

Former FBI assistant director Greg Brower told MSNBC on Thursday that he worked "closely" with former acting FBI Director Andre McCabe, saying the author of the latest inside look at President Donald Trump's administration took "copious notes" about everything he did, and that he fully expected more bombshell revelations to come.

"I knew him to be a very smart, very meticulous, very dedicated FBI agent," Brower said of his former boss. "I fully expect that what he's talking about with respect to his interactions with the president and with DOJ officials was likely documented in notes that he took contemporaneously and also likely did share the details with a small group of other FBI officials in real time."

Host Hallie Jackson asked if McCabe might have "contemporaneous notes" to support his claim that DOJ officials were "counting noses" to see who among Trump's cabinet would support his removal via the 25th Amendment, an allegation disputed by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

"Having worked very closely with both Andy McCabe and Rod Rosenstein, I can tell you that they are both smart, credible people who seem to have differing accounts of the same events in this situation," Brower said. "But I will tell you that with respect to McCabe, I can't tell you how many meetings I was in with him and his practice was to take copious notes about virtually everything that was being said in those meetings."

"I have to imagine that whether it was in these meetings or immediately afterwards, he was also documenting what happened in his notebooks," he went on. "And so there's certainly more to come here."

Watch the video below.