McCabe’s revelations leave former top DOJ official stunned: It was worse than a Saturday Night Massacre
Former deputy attorney general Harry Litman/MSNBC screen shot

Former deputy attorney general Harry Litman could barely contain his shock on MSNBC this Thursday, telling host Katy Tur that Andrew McCabe's book was a "stunning" look into FBI and Department of Justice deliberations about how to deal with President Donald Trump's "slow motion Saturday Night Massacre."

"The effect of this to me is is to remind us just how egregious and jarring it was," Litman said. He dismissed any "sniping" over the particulars, and said the "general account overall" rang true.

"What it's like in the hallways, the kind of complete flabbergasted feeling that everyone there has, the actual sitting down," he said. "This is mind blowing to consider the 25th amendment, and joking or not wearing a wire."

He said that Trump's efforts where an example of a "stunning abrogation of presidential norms."

"It's harrowing," Litman went on. "This is a slow motion Saturday night massacre, that's what they were worried about at the time. In some way it's worse." McCabe, he said, described "a fall off in standards of presidential accountability" of historic proportions.

'This is the stuff of Greece, Turkey. Law enforcement sitting down and wondering 'do we have to oust the recently-elected president of the United States?'" he continued, shaking his head in disbelief. "It is stunning."

Watch the video below.