Michael Cohen is ready to reveal 'chilling' personal experiences with Trump: Lanny Davis
Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. (Image via Bryan R. Smith/AFP.)

Lanny Davis, the attorney representing former Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen, tells ABC News that his client is ready to reveal what he describes as "chilling" details about his personal experiences with President Donald Trump.

During an interview with ABC's "The Investigation" podcast, Davis said that Cohen was willing to do Trump's "dirty deeds" when it was just limited to private-sector work, but he's frightened for the country now that Trump is president.

Host Kyra Phillips seemed taken aback by the notion that Cohen "feared" the president, especially since he for years willingly served as Trump's pit bull. Davis, however, countered that Cohen had simply come to realize that the presidency is too important of a job to be left to a man with Trump's temperament.

"He's literally a man without judgement and he scares the you-know-what out of me," Davis insisted.

Davis also said that Trump was putting Cohen's life in danger by calling him a "rat," which could make him a target for violence in jail by fellow prisoners who punish people whom they perceive to be snitches.

Davis later said that Cohen, should he ever get the chance to testify publicly, will tell stories about Trump that might even give some of his supporters pause.

"To me, when I first heard Michael tell me all this, even as much as I knew about Trump that was negative, was chilling," he said.

Listen to the whole podcast below.