New York principal fired for criticizing the schools 'MAGA hate culture' of boys grabbing girls
Trump supporters cheer on election night 2016. (Image via Mandel Ngan/AFP.)

Sandy Creek High School principal Emily Wemmer was fired from her position after making critical comments about the MAGA infused culture at the school.

In a private Facebook message that was hacked and leaked, Wemmer talked about how girls are treated at the school and the "MAGA hat-wearing culture."

Wemmer and her supporters said that she was just trying to encourage the girls at the school.

“This is a VERY traditional, conservative district,” Wemmer wrote. "I have learned myself that men feel totally entitled to manhandle women whenever. Girls are also expected to be passive. If I don’t teach my girls anything else I hope that it is that they can live independently and choose if they want to be in a relationship or not. The mama bear comes out in me when I hear reports of abuse like I heard today.”

She said in another post, “Even some male students will try the intimidation BS. I’ve been asked if I’m a lesbian or married as if those are the only possibilities for a woman.”

She also wrote, "It’s hard when you’re fighting against an entrenched conservative, MAGA hat-wearing culture.”

“I am also responsible for the boys and need to be their advocate. I need to figure out ways to teach them what’s appropriate before it becomes a legal issue,” she said in another post.

Wemmer issued a statement saying that her comments were misinterpreted.

“I allowed my personal political beliefs to overshadow that message, which ultimately is that I care deeply for the welfare and success of Sandy Creek students,” she wrote.

Maureen Shiel, a retired high school principal will serve as interim principal.