Nicolle Wallace's advice to Republicans: 'This is your moment to get off of the Titanic, folks'
"Deadline: White House" anchor Nicolle Wallace (Photo: Screen capture)

fMSNBC host and former George W. Bush White House staffer Nicolle Wallace had some advice for Republicans: run away now.

The Monday panel discussion was over the Republican Senators being unwilling to stand up to President Donald Trump while he defies Article I of the Constitution. All officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against anyone "foreign and domestic" who might try to supersede it. Wallace anticipates this won't end well for Republicans.

"This seems to me to be the off-ramp for anybody in the right-wing propaganda operation that says, 'I've done enough. I've gone along with the lunacy around the wall. Now he's doing something authoritarian in nature, usurping the power of Congress. I've done enough for this guy,'" Wallace said.

Trump has now managed to take lifelong Republicans and flipped what their ideology is all together. Meanwhile, former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe is accused of all sorts of lies. She noted if anyone else had done what McCabe was accused of doing, the conversations about "treason" would be everywhere.

"Now [Trump is] taking a lifelong Republican [McCabe], who if he had done any of the things Donald Trump accused him of doing, he would have been treated differently," Wallace continued. "He's out of work because he's allegedly lied to the inspector general, not because of any of thinks conduct around the Russia question or Russia investigation. This seems to me if there's anybody left with a conscience in the right-wing propaganda operation, this is your moment to get off the Titanic folks."

Watch her comments below: