'No you Stop! Do you denounce hate?': Symone Sanders unleashes on Trump-lover David Urban
CNN panelists David Urban and Symone Sanders/Screenshot

On Tuesday, Political commentator Symone Sanders quickly corrected former Trump campaign strategist David Urban after he attempted to claim that she was a supporter of the  Islamist group Hamas.

During a panel discussion about US involvement in Israel, CNN's Jake Tapper asked if there was a generational view on opinions with the new freshman Congress.

Sanders said that there were "nuances" among the freshman class, and that generational differences play a part in how they think about global affairs.

"Why would you ask Symone if she supports terrorists?" Tapper asked Urban.

"How can you be sympathetic while also be a defender of funding Israel?" Urban said.

Sanders then unloaded on him by saying, "No you Stop! Do you denounce hate?!"

Urban then "cleaned up" his comments about Sanders supporting Hamas.

Watch below via CNN: