'Not only has he failed he's made himself a laughingstock': Trump biographer chuckles over wall failure
Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's biographer Michael D'Antonion couldn't help but laugh at the pathetic deal that the White House will end up with over the wall.

Like a child throwing a tantrum, the longer Trump continues shutting down, the less money he gets from Congress for his wall. He demanded $5.7 billion and Congress first proposed $1.6 billion, but that number shrank to $1.35 billion.

CNN's Don Lemon played a super-cut of the times Trump bragged about being an amazing deal-maker before he turned to D'Antonio.

"He also got to have history's longest shutdown and take the credit for it and put the country in that misery and stand his presidency with it," the Trump biographer said. "Not only has he failed in this deal, he made his political position worst. He made himself a laughingstock for the country. This is the guy who had to have someone else invent the name of his book, The Art of the Deal. That was not his deal -- to name the book. He goes bankrupt and he declares himself rich. He makes a bad deal and declares a good deal. This is all just smoke and mirrors."

Lemon noted that Trump also said he was the hardest working president, when he has more executive time and plays golf more than any other president. "Is it opposite day every day?"

Conservative Max Boot agreed, noting that Trump railed against NAFTA when all he did to "fix it" was do a copy and paste job and change the name. He said that we've evolved from 1,000 miles of concrete border wall paid for by Mexico to now 55 miles of a fence paid for by the American tax-payer.

"Well, I told my wife I was getting a sports car, but you were going to pay for it," D'Antonio said as an analogy. "So, when I show up tomorrow with my sports car, I'm just going to say, 'Well, Don wouldn't quite pay for it, but I am going to be on CNN a lot, so it's like that. This is crazy and it is all insane."

Watch the clip below: