Trump-suing Texas landowner destroys president on CNN for using 'fake news' to sell his national emergency
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters in the White House (screengrab).

On Friday, CNN's Anderson Cooper sat down with one of the three Texas landowners who is pursuing a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over his border wall.

Despite Congress approving funds for barriers and fencing at the US-Mexico border, the president declared a national emergency in an effort to gain an additional $8 billion for his wall.

"When were you approached? How did you learn they wanted to build the wall on your property?" Cooper asked Texas resident Nayda Alvarez.

Alvarez said that she was approached in November about Trump wanting to build a wall, but refused to give her signature because the definition of his wall was so broad.

"I assume if they want to put a wall up in your location, do you see people crossing from Mexico through your property all the time?" Cooper asked.

Alvarez explained that she lived in her home for nearly 40 years and has never seen undocumented immigrants crossing the border.

"I see Border Patrol walking back and forth. I have caught them in my surveillance cameras. Have I ever caught [undocumented immigrants]? Not at all," she said.

"What's your message to President Trump?" Cooper said.

"My message is, I see no emergency. The only emergency that is out there is the man-made emergency created by someone at the White House because he wants to build the wall," she said.

Alvarez added, "He has instilled fear in the people. He has based this fear on fake news and lies. They are over-exaggerated lies."

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