'A parallel universe': CNN panel tries to make sense of Trump after his latest border wall rant

President Donald Trump held a press conference Wednesday with Colombia's President Iván Duque Márquez. Trump boasted about economic gains under his administration and claimed that the wall at the Southwest border is being built.

On CNN Wednesday, panelists tried to make sense of the president's claims, noting that they do not appear to be fully rooted in reality.

"You have a parallel universe in the sense that the new wall is being built," CNN host John King said.

"There are maps to start construction on the modern section of the Rio Grande area. No other wall has been built today. The president is trying to convince his supporters that there's new wall already built," he added.

"You go to the border, not the case. The point was made during the shutdown. If you look at the polling, the president's numbers did not go up and in some cases went down."